How to do 3D Zoom on CapCut?

Capcut, a photo editing tool featuring a “3D Zoom” style, is used to create the 3D photo effect. This “3D Zoom” style zooms in on people or a subject while pulling the background out of the way, giving the impression of a “three-dimensional” image. You can apply the “3D Zoom” effect to as many photos as you want with the Capcut software. As a result, you can apply the style to many images to make your video images look more alive.

Add a “3D Zoom” effect to your images by doing the following:-

  • Choose a photo to highlight once all of the pictures in a project timeline are seen.
  • Swipe the bottom toolbar to the left whenever the selected image is highlighted until you find the ‘Style’ option.
  • From the bottom, select the ‘Style’ option.
  • This should also bring up the Capcut Style section. To apply the “3D Zoom” style from this section to the selected photo, click on it.
  • We could only view the “3D Zoom” style from this part for some reason, and nothing else.
  • Capcut will now create a “3D Zoom” styled clip of the photo on which the style was applied.
  • If the ‘3D Zoom’ option is highlighted, you’ll also know that the “3D Zoom” style is applied to a photo.
  • Now you can go ahead and apply the “3D Zoom” style to the remainder of the photographs by repeating the procedures above. You don’t even have to repeat the steps because you can get the identical effect by swiping to the right on the timeline and then selecting the ‘3D Zoom’ option.
  • When you’ve used the ‘3D Zoom’ option on all of your photos. Then, in the bottom right corner, hit the tick mark to apply the modifications.

Reduce the length of the clips:-

So you’ve used Capcut to give your photos a “3D Zoom” effect. If you’re satisfied with the results, you can save time by skipping this step. However, if you want to make your video more lively and stay up with the viral trend, you can cut the duration of your film.

  • By default, each of your 3D Zoom-enabled images will last 3 seconds.
  • Your 3D Zoom movie will be 33 seconds long if you used a lot of photos, like we did, for a total of 11. In general, TikTok movies are very long. In actuality, reducing the playing time from 3 seconds to a fraction of a second will improve your film’s looks.You can set the duration of your 3D Zoom clips to whatever you want.
  • If you wish to follow TikTok’s 3D photo trend, then these are the settings to use. Simply lengthen the first four clips to 0.5 seconds and the remaining clips to 0.3 seconds.

Save the 3D Zoom:-

  • Now that you’ve made your 3D Zoom video as well. After that, you may export your work by clicking the Export icon in the top right corner of the screen. An upward-facing arrow on top of a dash will be used to mark this icon.
  • When you click the Export option, an overflow menu should appear, asking you to choose your chosen video resolution and frame rate. If you want the best quality, choose 1080p as the video resolution and 60 frames per second as the frame rate. You can change one of these parameters to save the movie at your preferred quality. The ‘Estimated file size’ section at the bottom will give you a rough estimate of your video’s final size.
  • Once you’ve chosen your preferred video settings, save your video by clicking the ‘Export’ button at the bottom.
  • Your video will now be exported by Capcut. Make sure you’re not closing the app or locking your screen.
  • When the video is finished, it will be saved to your phone’s library. Then you should see a notification on the screen that says “Saved to the device and your projects.” You may also instantly share the video on TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and a variety of other apps from here.

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