Best and Professional CapCut Editor Editing Tips

CapCut is a smartphone app for mobile devices that was intended to improve the basic video editing tools on the popular social networking site TikTok. The application is available for download and use at no cost. CapCut Mobile, CapCut iOS, and CapCut for PC all have similar features that allow you to edit current TikTok clips using filters, overlays, direction changes, soundtracks, filters, and more. Splitting, inverse, and other altering functions are also included to assist you to improve and professionalizing your TikTok videos.

CapCut Editor has the following features:

1. Split Feature:

It’s simple to use and has a clean user interface. Simply open a clip, drag the cursor to the split point, and select the Split option. You don’t lose any film because you can divide the file keyframes to see the exact split location.

2. Slow and Fast Motion:

You may also create slow-motion and extreme close-up clips here. By tapping on the Speed button, you can choose a rate that is proportional to the movie’s quickest pace. You’ll be able to see the duration of the movie change as you change the speed, which is quite useful.

3. Add Music:

CapCut comes with a wide selection of free soundtracks that can help you increase the quality of your TikTok videos significantly. Because the sounds are of such high quality, you can easily incorporate them into your film by simply inserting an original sound and altering its position to match the footage.

Tips and Trips for CapCut Editing:

1. How to make stack videos?

You can layer multiple videos or photos on top of each other. Choose the video or image you’d want to work with. Go to overlay, click add overlay, and then choose the video or photos you want to overlay on top of the original. You can drag the second thumbnail around and determine where it should go and how big it should be.

2. What are keyframes and how do I use them?

The effect that causes any text, image, or video to transition from one place to another is known as a keyframe. Choose the videos you’d like to edit. On the right, click the keyframe button. Choose when the location should change in the second video’s time frames. Drag the thumbnail to the desired location.

3. What are the steps for adding social media handles?

Create a png image of the social media logo you want to use. Select the video/image in CapCut and click Add Overlay. Add the image you just downloaded. Resize it and place it wherever you want. Add text by clicking on add text and entering your handle’s name. Simply resize the image and you’re done.

4. How to get cinematic black bars?

Choose the video to which you want to apply the effect. Select Edit, then Custom Crop or Presets from the drop-down menu. Then check the box, and black bars will appear on the top and bottom, giving it a cinematic appearance.

5. What is the best way to achieve the zoom-in effect?

Select the video that you want to edit. On the top right, click the keyframe. At the beginning and end, add a keyframe. Re-add the keyframe by clicking on the video. Then pinch to zoom in on the video. To carefully zoom in on your video, press play.
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