How to Extract (Take) Audio from Video File for Free on Android with CapCut

What is the best way to get audio out of a video?

If you have an MP4 video file from YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, or another social media platform and want to use the video audio as a backsound for a video you’re editing or transform it into a ringtone, you can do so extremely effortlessly and for free using your Android phone.

On the Google Play Store, you can find a variety of video editor apps and, in particular, a free audio extractor software that you can use to extract audio from a video. In fact, you can use an online audio extractor or a website that provides its services on the internet to extract audio from video links such as YouTube, TikTok, and others.

CapCut, formerly known as ViaMaker, is the audio extractor tool that we will use to extract audio from MP4 video files in this tutorial. The CapCut application is not only free, but it also allows you to extract audio from videos with only one click. Isn’t that quick and simple?

With CapCut, you can extract audio from videos on Android

You should be aware that CapCut is incorporated in the video editor application. As a result, after extracting the audio from a video in CapCut, you can utilize the extracted audio as a background for the video you are making or will be making.

The audio you retrieved from the video with the CapCut program, on the other hand, can only be utilized for video editing.

  • On your Android phone, download and install the CapCut app.
  • Create a new project with the CapCut program.
  • Choose and add the video from which you wish to extract audio.
  • Tap a video clip on the timeline or open the Edit menu.
  • Select the Extract audio option from the drop-down menu.
  • The audio from the video was successfully retrieved. Now, combine the audio you retrieved with the movie or photo you want to use as a background sound.

You can use the procedures above to remove audio from a video in addition to removing the video’s audio. Yes! Simply remove the extracted audio and replace it with other audio, such as music or songs, if desired.

Apart from extracting audio from videos, the CapCut program also allows you to speed up audio without changing the pitch, boost video volume, increase and decrease down audio speed, and much more. I’m sure you’ll consider yourself extremely fortunate to have chosen CapCut as your preferred video editor.

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