How to Use Graphs on CapCut for a Smooth Animation Effect?

How to use graphs in the latest CapCut update. CapCut, one of the most popular video editor apps for mobile devices, recently added a new feature called Graphs. It didn’t take long for the Graphs function to become popular, and video editors began to use it extensively.

Graphs, in my opinion, are one of the most important things you should accomplish on CapCut. So, what is the purpose of CapCut’s newest feature? Simply, the graphs feature may offer your photo or video clip a smooth motion impression.

The graph feature, on the other hand, may only be used on clips that have been given a keyframe animation effect. Because you haven’t animated keyframes on objects or clips, CapCut won’t allow you to use the graphs function.

How to Use Graphs on CapCut:

The use of graphs allows you to personalize the transitions between CapCut keyframes. If you don’t utilize the graph CapCut function, you can make clip animation motion smoother, more dynamic, and many more styles.

  • In the CapCut application, create a new project.
  • Include a photograph or video clip.
  • To the clip, add two keyframe points.
  • At the second keyframe point, move the clip position.
  • Open the Graphs menu halfway between the two keyframes.
  • Select one of the graph effects you want to use.
  • Finally, play your video clip and compare it to what it was like before the graphs were applied.

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