How to Increase Video Volume in Android Phone with CapCut App

How to increase the size of a video. If you record a video with you talking in it without utilizing a microphone, the audio in your recorded video will most likely be so low that it will be difficult to hear properly. I’m sure you’re experiencing it right now.

You don’t need to re-record the video or raise your voice while speaking to remedy the problem; doing so would simply waste your time. So, how do you quickly and effectively increase the audio volume in a video file?

KineMaster, Filmora, InShot, and CapCut are just a few of the video editor apps for Android devices that include options to instantly boost video volume. You may even enhance the amount of video you watch online by going to websites that offer the service.

CapCut is the program that I would recommend for increasing video volume in this article. The CapCut program is not only free on the Google Play Store service, but it is also incredibly simple to use to raise the volume in video recording files.

In CapCut Video Editor, here’s how to increase video volume:

Unlike other free video volume booster apps, the CapCut application allows you to increase the audio volume in video recorded files by up to ten times, making even the tiniest audio videos more clearly audible.

  • In the CapCut application, create a new project.
  • Choose and add the video for which you wish to enhance the volume.
  • Tap a video clip on the timeline or open the Edit menu.
  • Navigate to the Volume menu.
  • Change the number of video volume levels you require.
  • Finally, press the check button before playing your video to hear the outcome.

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