How to Make Instagram Reels with Multiple Photos and Music Minase812 on Android using CapCut

Instagram has officially unveiled a new tool called Reels that allows users to share their creativity through short movies, similar to TikTok. The Instagram Reels feature, which was gradually introduced to every region, grew in popularity and eventually surpassed TikTok as the platform’s main competitor.

On Instagram Reels, there are many fresh and intriguing trends that can be used as inspiration and challenges for every content creator. Making Instagram Reels with several photographs and videos structured according to certain music is one of the most prevalent trends and challenges.

Minase812 or Kuroba Piano has recently become a popular music title for creating Instagram Reels with photographs. The idea is to show a photo slide before and after the color is changed.

On Android, you may make new Reels on Instagram using several photographs directly in the Instagram app or by first using a video editor tool. CapCut is one of the simplest programs for creating Instagram Reels with a lot of photographs.

How to Make Instagram Reels with Multiple Photos on Android:

Before you start learning how to construct Instagram Reels in CapCut, you’ll need to gather 12 photographs as well as the music you’ll be using, Minase812. You can download the Minase812 music at the URL below.

  • In the CapCut app, make a new project and add 12 photographs to it.
  • Change the video’s aspect ratio to 9:16, which is ideal for Instagram Reels.
  • Incorporate the Minase812 music you’ve created into the project.
  • Make a beat mark on the music to make the photo editing process go faster later.
  • Cut all of your photo clips at the beat points you’ve established.
  • Cut the fifth to the twelfth photo into two sections, especially for the fifth to the twelfth.
  • Give the first through fifth photo clips, as well as the seventh, ninth, eleventh, and so on, a black and white filter.
  • On all photos with a black and white effect, you may also apply a zoom-out animation.
  • Finally, save the film to your collection and share it on Instagram Reels.

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