How to Make Lyrics Video Automatically on Android Phone using CapCut

Have you ever seen a video with the music of a song and the words on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or another social media platform? Apparently, a video editor app called CapCut, which you can download for free from the Google Play Store, can also be used to create lyric movies like that.

However, the CapCut application does not yet have a capability that can automatically add lyrics to videos. Despite the fact that it features an Auto Caption option, it can only be used with speech recordings and not with music or songs.

Instead of manually creating video lyrics on your phone, which would take a long time, you should use the Instagram and Facebook apps’ story features to make automatic lyric videos.

The method is straightforward. Make a green screen song lyric video on Instagram first, then use the CapCut Overlay function to add green screen song lyrics from Instagram to a video or photo.

How to Make Lyrics Video on Android with the CapCut App:

The Instagram application’s storey function offers a Sticker menu where we may automatically produce song lyrics with a maximum duration of 15 seconds. Surprisingly, it turns out that you can save the song lyrics you create on Instagram to your phone’s gallery.

Let’s take a look at how to use the Instagram and CapCut apps to add music lyrics to videos.

  • Open the Story feature in the Instagram app. In the tale screen, place a green screen image. If you don’t have a green screen image, you can get one from the link below.
  • Select the Music option in the menu or by selecting the Stickers symbol.
  • Find and add the song you wish to write lyrics for.
  • The color, font type, and motion of the text in your music lyrics can all be changed.
  • Then save your green screen lyric video to your phone gallery by tapping Done.
  • Open the CapCut app’s editing screen and paste the same music or song that you used to write the lyrics into it.
  • Add the saved green screen lyric video to the Overlay menu.
  • See the tutorial on how to remove the green screen in CapCut in another article to remove the green or background color from the song lyric video.
  • Finally, you have complete control over the position and size of the lyric writing on the video screen.

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