How to Remove Audio from Video on Android for Free using CapCut?

What is the best way to remove audio from a video?

It is not commonplace to see noise or undesired sounds such as wind, automobiles, animals, small children, and other disturbing sounds being recorded and incorporated in recorded recordings when taking videos, especially outdoors.

Of course, if you don’t eliminate the video sound, your video viewers will be disturbed, so don’t expect your video to be entertaining, let alone popular on social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

In addition, when it comes to video editing, the first step for content makers is to remove audio from the video. They usually replace the video’s original sound with other sounds like music, songs, sound recordings, sound effects, and so on.

The good news is that practically all video editing apps on the Google Play Store can remove audio from MP4 videos on Android phones. You may also eliminate sound from videos on the internet by visiting websites that provide internet services.

On Android, here’s how to remove audio from a video for free:-

CapCut is the audio removal application that I propose you use in this tutorial. The CapCut software not only allows you to remove audio from videos for free, but it also contains hundreds of songs that you can use as a replacement sound for your videos. Of course, you may also upload music from your own collection stored in the gallery.

  • In the CapCut application’s home screen, create a new project.
  • To remove the audio from a video, first add it to the list.
  • Tap the video layer in the timeline or open the Edit menu.
  • Navigate to the Volume menu.
  • Reduce the video volume to 0 from 100.
  • You may quickly mute an audio clip by tapping the Mute audio clip button on the timeline.
  • Open the Audio menu or tap the Add audio layer on the timeline to add music to your video.
  • The tutorial on how to remove video sound and replace it with music in CapCut is now complete.

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